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Latest Modular Design Trends

Modular homes are highly customizable.
Modular homes are highly customizable.

After getting financing and choosing a lot to build your home, then comes the fun part of actually designing your dream home. With Pinterest and Houzz offering you a multitude of choices, the design process can be overwhelming. We’ve compiled a list of the latest design trends that may help narrow down and shed some light on choices that can make your life easier.

From the exterior down to the type of countertops in your bathroom, our members see steady trends amongst their clients. These trends lean more toward making life easier. “No one wants to work for their home anymore they want it to be their retreat after work or during retirement years,” said Anthony Zarrilli with Zarrilli Homes.


While this year has seen the trend of monochromatic color palettes on the exterior of homes instead of the use of contrasting colors, new home owners are now leaning toward the use of mixed materials. Mixing stone, vinyl, wood and other types of sidings are becoming more popular and creating more curb appeal.


Home owners are also beginning to hide their garage and in the process creating a family entrance around the back of their home. This leads to an alternate layout that flips the home.


With garages being situated in the back of homes, more families are entering through a rear foyer. These mudrooms become more of a hub for shoes and other family property. This leaves the front foyer home clean and open for guests

The more open floor plan is still widely used. Whether the home is 700 sf or 3,000 sf, home owners prefer a more open style with less walls and more space.


Zarrilli Homes are seeing “Large open kitchens with an island for congregation and ‘hanging out’.” Home owners see cooking and hanging in the kitchen eating appetizers and having a glass of wine as part of the experience.


Many are also including a butler’s pantry in their gourmet kitchens. Many see the kitchen as the heart of the home and tend to stick to more classic elements including a new trend of white cabinetry. While white cabinets went out of style for a while, many are leaning more toward the classic look knowing in 20 years they will still be in style.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

MHBA members are seeing a trend toward open air showers. This design keeps the bathroom feeling open and airy. There is also a trend toward more upscale finishes such as hardwood flooring and designer trim in master suites.


Many homes are featuring two master suites on two floors for home owners looking for longevity in their home. The second floor master will be used until owners can no longer use the stairs while the additional master will be used as a guest room.

Upcoming Trends

Ken Semler with Express Modular believes there will be a future trend toward more technology in homes including electronically opening your door, turning on lights and adjusting your furnace with smartphones.

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