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Code of Conduct


1. To encourage and promote high standards and conduct in the residential modular home industry.

2. To identify and help reduce and eliminate problematic and unprofessional behavior at its earliest stages among Modular Home Builders Association (MHBA) member companies and their employees.

3. To add value to MHBA membership by raising the level of professionalism among members.

Code of Business Conduct

The Modular Home Builders Association has adopted these guidelines to promote and maintain high standards of professional service and business conduct among its members and the industry. Individuals should refer to their own corporate conduct or ethics guidelines where such programs exist. In addition to corporate programs, MHBA has developed this industry code of conduct for our member companies and their employees (collectively referred to as members) as minimally acceptable standards of conduct:

  • A member shall not give or accept gifts from suppliers, customers or other business associates that create the appearance that the gift giver is entitled to preferential treatment, an award of business or better pricing.
  • A member shall not give or accept gifts of cash, gifts prohibited by law, or gifts given as bribes, kickbacks or to secure an improper business advantage.
  • A member shall not give or receive gifts in the form of services or other non-cash benefits, such as the promise of employment.
  • A member shall not knowingly misrepresent information concerning his or her financial and professional business background.
  • A member shall not knowingly make misrepresentations about his or her company, competitors, or the association.
  • A member shall not knowingly make misrepresentations about his or her products or services, including using photographs, logos, images, or other work from another company without permission from that source and citing the source when publicly used.
  • A member shall maintain all required licenses, certifications, and approvals and shall make a good faith effort to follow all applicable local, state, and federal rules and regulations.

In addition to this Code of Conduct, MHBA expects its members to follow these guidelines regarding professional behavior

  • To improve individual competence and advance the knowledge and proficiency of the industry through continuing education and learning opportunities.
  • To promote greater awareness of modular construction methods and practices.
  • To treat suppliers, manufacturers, and vendors in a professional manner and as part of the project team.
  • To promote safety and quality in our projects and within our company for the safety of employees, vendors, sub contractors, and the general public.
  • To participate to the best of our ability in the promotion of the industry.
  • To adhere to honesty and integrity and to generally accepted principles of professional conduct.
  • To work together with the manufacturer/builder to the greatest extent possible to resolve issues arising from customer dissatisfaction.
  • And to adhere to the articles of the Code of Business Conduct as adopted by the governing Board of the Modular Home Builders Association.



MHBA’s whistle-blowing policy is intended to cover serious concerns that could have a negative impact on MHBA and/or the modular construction industry. Regular business or legal matters such as non-payment discrepancies do not fall under this policy and should be directed to the member directly. Additionally, matters regarding human resource issues or harassment within a member company should be directed to that member company’s human resource department.



The whistle blowing procedure is intended to be used for serious and sensitive issues. Serious concerns relating to unethical or illegal conduct should be reported to MHBA via email or by phone.



The earlier a concern is expressed, the easier it is for us to take action.


Issues Not Addressed by This Code

If a complaint is determined to be too vague, trivial, competitive or unverifiable, MHBA will not pursue it. Also, if a matter is already the subject of civil litigation, pending arbitration or law enforcement, MHBA will take no action until the conclusion of the legal proceeding and subsequent filing of a misconduct complaint.

Human resource issues such as discrimination and harassment complaints should be handled internally by a company’s HR department.


Procedure for Due Process

1. Once MHBA is notified, the point of contact within any company whose employee (member) has been accused will be notified by email from the Executive Director to give notice of the allegation. The email will request that the company reply to the extent allowed by law as to what actions will or have been taken to address the allegation. Individuals or companies receiving more than two valid complaints in a 12-month period will automatically be referred to the MHBA Board of Directors for review.

2. If a member company is referred to the MHBA Board, we will notify the company of the accused member in writing of the allegation(s) as well as the due process procedures within 30 days. The company will be afforded the opportunity to respond to the allegation(s) in writing or in person (at their own expense) at the next scheduled board meeting or board call. If MHBA does not receive a response from the accused company within 30 days after notification of the alleged violation, the accused company will have been deemed to have been afforded due process and the board will take action as set forth below.

3. The Board Chair will select three impartial board members to review the allegations and respond, and to determine what actions MHBA will take. The accused member company will be notified in writing within 30 days of the actions to be taken which may include:


Dismiss Complaint.
A written reprimand.
Request for documentation or proof of compliance.
Suspension of membership.
Suspension of the company representatives from the board or other leadership roles.



4. The accused member’s company will be given the opportunity to appeal the decision to the full board of directors at the next scheduled board meeting or board call, provided the accused company provides MHBA with its intent to appeal the decision within 30 days of receiving the written notification set forth in item 3 above.


5. If appealed, the accused may again appear before the board (at their own expense) or submit a written appeal. The full board of directors will make the final decision, based on simple majority vote, on any actions taken against the accused.

6. Once a decision is made, MHBA will not disclose the decision publicly.