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Home of the Month Interview

The April 2024 MHBA Home of the Month takes you to the Adirondacks in Edinburg, New York. The winning project from builder Saratoga Modular Homes and manufacturer Excel Homes focuses on a modern rustic style that naturally fits the surrounding mountain terrain.

We sat down with Cecil Provost from Saratoga Modular Homes, who says customization was a significant part of the design, and modular practices helped achieve the finished product. Here’s more about Saratoga Modular Homes and the April 2024 MHBA Home of the Month


Expanding into Modular Construction

Home of the Month Summary

Builder: Saratoga Modular Homes

Manufacturer: Excel Homes

Location: Edinburg, NY
Stories:  1
Bedrooms:  3
Bathrooms:  2

Saratoga Modular Homes designed and built this "Modern Rustic" ranch style home for a customer at the Great Sacandaga Lake in the Adirondacks. We installed a beautiful gourmet kitchen and other nice finishes onsite.


Contact: Saratoga Modular Homes

Contact: Excel Homes

The April 2024 Home of the Month is a modern, rustic, ranch-style home near Sacandaga Lake in the Adirondacks. This three-bedroom, two-bathroom house is picturesque inside and out with its sizable garage, beautiful gourmet kitchen, meticulous finishes and unique build. Provost says this home reflects the trends of modern real estate.

“It’s not the typical kind of thing that you would pick out of a brochure and a catalog of homes and have one ordered,” Provost said. “A lot of customization went into this one.”

Provost says that in previous decades, buyers wanted McMansions — large, upscale and mass-produced houses typically found in suburban areas. However, consumers have shifted toward smaller, more customized homes with energy efficiency, durability and comfort.

Emphasizing Customization


Customization was integral to this Edinburg home, as the client focused on details and had specific requests. Provost says the small lot made designing more complex because they only had so much room before encroaching on other properties. Being meticulous is critical for Provost because Saratoga Modular Homes often builds homes for engineers and inspectors.


“She’s a big-time cook, and she had very particular ideas for what she wanted in her kitchen,” he said. “So we omitted all the kitchen cabinetry from the factory, and we designed and installed a custom kitchen on-site for her.


“We’re different than many builders that do modular construction in that we’re very comfortable doing custom design and builds and doing custom finished work.”


Building a custom modular home can be challenging, and there might be limitations based on the property. Provost says bringing a checkbook lets you do anything, but some things are less attainable in modular construction.


“If you get into the homes that have really elaborate roof lines or foundations, there are some things maybe I could figure out a way to do modular,” Provost said. “But it probably doesn’t make financial sense.”


Building a Forever Homes


Manufacturers build modular homes to last, which you get with this house in the Adirondacks. The clients are choosing this home to retire to, demonstrating the flexibility you get with modular construction.


You can construct primary residences, vacation homes and other structures while getting high-quality builds. The desire for modular homes has risen in the last few years, primarily as people work from home. Experts say about 12.7% of American employees work remotely full time, so buyers have more flexibility when buying houses. You can buy modular homes in the city, near the mountains or by the beach.


Provost says the demand for permanent, year-round houses that look like vacation homes has significantly risen since the pandemic began.


“During COVID, they figured I can work from home,” he said. “Then they figured if I can work from home, I can work from a lake home.”


Benefiting From Modular Construction


Modular building brings flexibility to custom design and lets builders reap benefits in numerous ways. Here are four advantages Provost says modular construction helps projects like this Adirondacks home.


1. Less Expensive

While Saratoga Construction does stick-built construction in upstate New York, Provost says modular building is typically less expensive. Modular practices let you cut labor and material costs because you have an assembly line-style production. Factories leverage advanced technology to build your home from a catalog of designs and ensure precise engineering. You also get lower costs from shortened timelines.


2. Quicker Construction

Modular processes let you build more homes quickly because most work occurs in a factory. About 80% of construction happens off-site, so the on-site tasks become more manageable in only a few weeks. While remote construction occurs, builders can lay the foundation and prepare the site for a house. This advantage could play a key role in aiding the housing shortage worldwide.

Once the planning phase reached the finish line, construction for this Adirondacks modular home only needed about five months before it was ready for the family to move in. He says Saratoga Modular Construction’s past projects have required as few as 90 days from ordering until delivery, demonstrating the efficiency of modular approaches.


3. Healthier Facilities

While costs and speed are tremendous benefits, Provost says one of the underrated advantages of modular is healthier homes. Climate-controlled factories mean you are less vulnerable to weather conditions ruining your house.

“One of the main reasons I prefer is it’s a healthier home to live in when you’re done because it never gets saturated by rain or snow during construction,” he said. “So if you have any sensitivity to mold and mildew, that eliminates a lot of those concerns.”

Black mold only needs a day to grow, causing significant health concerns for occupants. Limiting the chance of rain during construction mitigates mold growth, and you can further prevent the risk by increasing ventilation and keeping humidity levels low in the house.


4. Structural Integrity

Provost says another underrated benefit of modular homes is the structural integrity you get with each unit. Construction requires transporting the pieces over long distances, so you must ensure the materials are sturdy for the ride there and once the house is complete.

“They have to be so overengineered to survive being transported on a truck down the road 60 miles per hour,” Provost said. “And we never have structural issues with them.”

Bringing Flexibility to Modular Construction


Modular building lets you scale homes up or down as you please, demonstrating the effectiveness and popularity of this construction process. While some buyers want large houses, others desire smaller units for retirement and after their children move out.

This Edinburg modular house is an excellent example of a forever home that doesn’t compromise style and durability. You can build a cabin by the lake or a vacation residence on the beach because modular empowers you with customization.

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