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Find a Modular Home Builder In Pennsylvania!

HOM March Cover Photo

The March 2024 MHBA Home of the Month- Manufactured by the award winning Apex Homes of PA.

Modular Home Builders in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is one of the biggest states for residential modular building, with 34 MHBA-trusted members doing business in the state. We know finding the perfect builder or manufacturer can be hard. This list will let choose from a variety of experienced and well known builders, manufacturers, and suppliers within the modular home building industry in PA. 

About MHBA

The mission of the Modular Home Builders Association (formerly the Modular Building Systems Association) is to be the primary organization advancing the legislative and regulatory interests of the modular industry in the United States. The MHBA strives to increase awareness of the value of modular construction by consumers, suppliers, builders, and government officials; it advocates public policies that make modular building systems available on a cost-effective basis.

Looking to Learn About the Benefits of Building Modular?

Featuring the 2024 Modular Home Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide 2024- Website Cover

This brand-new guide for 2024 will teach you all about the benefits of building modular as well as what steps you need to take while getting started. From finding the right builder to financing your home, this guide is the perfect introduction to the world of modular building.

Tips On Finding the Right Builder For You!

Understand what the builder will do for you

A modular home builder’s primary role is as your project manager and they will be the hub for the design, price and ordering of your home from a trusted manufacturer. Many home builders offer services beyond this scope and can provide a more turn-key experience and handle all aspects of the project from permitting to finishing touches. Other home builders may have a more hands-off approach and guide you toward experienced vendors who will complete your home for you. Whichever approach you would like to take, make sure and ask your modular home builder the process they will use.

Research builder's experience and skillset

You want an experienced builder who has built the type of home you want. Some builders focus on certain types of home within certain price ranges and some may only build in certain parts of the country while others may build nationwide. Initial research into your future builder can be simple and easy. A straightforward internet search will show their website, what associations they are members of, and the company’s rating with the Better Business Bureau. These are all important factors to consider before setting up an initial meeting.

Purchase land and have a financing plan in place

Having these important steps completed can make your meeting with your potential builder more productive. Many homes are better suited to certain plots of land and your builder can help guide you in the right direction. Remember your builder will work as the project manager for the building of your dream home so coming in prepared will provide you with the best estimate possible in your initial stage of building. Check out our gallery of homes to better understand which style of home appeals most to you.

Don't be afraid to ask questions 

Your first meeting with your potential builder is critical in setting the stage for the rest of your home building process. This is your first chance to ask all the questions you can think of and get answers that will comfort you through the homebuilding process. Feel free to delve deep into the complete process and ask about each stage of your home. Suggested
questions include:

• Is there a set timeline you can follow for your home build?

• Is there any insurance if something should happen while your home is being built in the factory?

• What is the payment plan?

• Who will be your direct contact for the project?

• Are there any warranties on your home?

These general tips are just the first steps in your home building adventure. While it can be intimidating, MHBA members are more than willing to answer any and all questions you may have. Find a Builder here and reach out to start your home building process today!


For a complete list of members in Pennsylvania, please check out our online directory

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